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eWeLink - scene with two conditions

I use a SonOFF PIR2 to acticate a light (connected via SonOFF S26).

But I want this to work in night-hours only. 

So I decided to connect this PIR2 to a powerbank (with an suitable step-down-modul to get the correct voltage) - and let an SonOFF SV manage the connecting-wire between PIR2 and powerbank. A loop-timer activates my PIR2 from 6 a.m. to midnight and everything is fine.

But I would prefer to do it without the SonOFF SV - just by a second condition in the scene "on PIR2-Alarm - action: turn on my S26":

"On PIR2-Alarm AND (i.e.) SonOFF POW is OFF - action: turn on my S26"

by-the-way: "On PIR2a-Alarm OR PIR2b-Alarm - action: turn on my S26" could be nice also...   :-)

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