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Updating Google Home

While the eWelink has done an impressive job with Google Home there is one major shortfall. Everytime a devices is added or its name changed, it's not updated in Google Home. Maybe both parties are expecting the other to do it, but I think the change trigger is at eWelink. Imagine you are in a situation of having many devices and when you add one new switch or change a name you have you Unlink and Link Google Home again. This becomes absolutely horrible because in Google Home you have add everything back in the correct Room order.

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sounds adequate - but be happy, that Google Home can still interact with Your SonOFFs....  

I've got an old Android 4.4.2 Smartphone, and since latest Google Home-Update, I can't find any of all my SonOFFs...   :-(

She would like to work on that. Led Magic Home tapes are automatically added, it would be good if it were with Ewelink
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