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Scene limit in EWelink App seems to be 21 scenes

I have my entire house fitted with Sonoff light switches. I use scenes to control 2 and 3 way switching. I currently have 21 scenes programmed and when I try to add another scene the loading circle flashes for a second and nothing happens. If i delete one of my other scenes it allows me to add a scene but then once I hit 21 I cant add another.

I thought I could get around this by adding scenes from my wife's account which have all the witches shared. However, when I try to add a scene in her account none of the switches show up when trying to add a scene. Please could anyone help with this as I cant perform most of my two way switching without the scenes.

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i have the same problem

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It's ridiculous that they advertise the functionality but for anyone who wants to actually spend a lot of money with sonoff they show no interest in rectifying the issue or even responding to support tickets. I have got around this by using IFTTT rules. But it is not an ideal workaround as it sometimes takes a few minutes for it to be implemented. Not great when trying to turn on lights!

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Agreed. This is a very annoying and unnecessary limitation. Please fix Itead!

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I agree, the number of scenes should be unlimited.

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Please fix this! I'm at 21 limit cap now too. I can't finish my house. 6 Months now... Why would you intentionally limit people from buying your products??? This makes no sense.

Hi guys, that's a joke. I already have almost 60 channels and now find out that I can only program 21 scenes?!?! I am very upset! Please remove this limitation!

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I received a reply from a support ticket saying if my devices are less than a month old I can return them. That's great to hear after changing every light switch BN in my house! So ITEAD has confirmed that only 21 scenes are available. Ridiculous that we stuck with using IFTTT to run sonoff switches.

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