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Maximum Limit of 20 Scenes Not Enough For 5 Bed house with multiple 2/3 Way Switches

Hi all, I have a large house and am half way through installing Sonoff Devices throughout its entirety.

I am bitterly disappointed that there is a cap on how many Scenes I can create? 

I have multiple 2 and 3 ways switches which mean the cap of 20 Scenes is no-where near enough for my house (I have one 2-Gang 3-Way switch which uses 6 Scenes by itself). I have no idea why Itead would stop me being able to buy more of their products by limiting the amount of Scenes I can create?

I've got half my house done and now I'm stuck with no way forward (i.e. I have a hallway where I can only use one set of light switches - very frustrating). 

This makes no sense to me and is making me contemplate pulling the whole lot out of my house. 

Is this affecting anyone else?




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