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Nextion library for non arduino available?


Before I get recommendations to read other threads, i have to say I did.

So the short question is: are there any non-Arduino/C++ libraries for the Nextion displays? As Peterm asked before me and did not get any straight answer, it seems he abandoned the quest.

I'm talking about using Nextion deployed on industrial environment, not just using it by scout boys playing with arduino to turn on LEDs.

Something to readback the Nextion messages and to act accordingly, printf commands that take care on the background of headers (0x70, 0x71, etc) and termination (0xff sequence).

I know I could do all this by my self following the instructions set, but in truth, I don't need and I don't want to do that. It would be easier to take another display with i2c, but it would be a shame to drop Nextion with all the advantages of simplicity.

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In reading other threads,
even the titles in group categories (Free Chat, Announcements, …)

Then you would see this Forum is Closed Nov 15, 2017.

You would have seen that the new Forum opened Sept 2017.

You would have seen 65000+ MCUs and
You would have seen 130+ programming languages.

So are there other non Arduino C/++ … indeed

Commercial/Industrial base is also larger than Arduino

But it would seem for all your rhetoric
- the Scout Boys and their LEDs have accomplished farther than you.

Since when are Microchip ATMega2560 chips not industrial

- solely because your Scout Boys also make use of ?