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Using my 2 Sonoff Wall Touch to act in a 2-Way switch

Hi there!

Maybe my situation is the same as others and someone figure out how make it work.

I've a light that is turned on/off with a regular wall switch from downstairs and upstairs acting like a 2-way switching.

Does anyone how should I wire the Sonoff Wall Touch Switches to make it work?

Thanks a lot!!!

Here is what you are starting with:

Image result for 3-way switch

The red and black wires between the switches are known as "traveler" wires.

Replace the switch on the left with a sonoff.  The black traveler wire is not used.  The "Hot" goes to Line in and the red traveler wire goes to Line out.  The neutral connects to the neutral on the sonoff.

Remove the switch on the right.  The black traveler wire is not used.  Tie the red traveler wire directly to the wire going to the light bulb center conductor.  Once this has been directly connected insert a "dummy" wifi switch in the box connecting only the Line in to an always hot wire and neutral to neutral.  This switch will not actually switch anything but will instead be used in a scene.

Create a scene so that turning either switch on turns the other one on as well.  Also turning either switch off turns the other one off as well.


You only have one real switch with the other end of the "traveler" wire simply connected to the bulb.  The other switch is just used to remote control the real switch with the use of a scene.  You will need a neutral wire and an always hot wire in each box.  Advanced hint: The unused black traveler wire can be re-purposed to serve as an always hot wire since it runs between boxes.

If scenes are not working or the Internet is down only the one real switch can be used to manually turn the light on or off.

Hey E W, thanks so much for your reply.

Using the wall switches connectors, It supposed to be something like this?

No.  The Sonoff on the right switches nothing.  It is connected to an always hot wire (line in) and the neutral.  Line out is not connected.  It acts solely as a remote control for the switch on the left. The red traveler wire connects to the bulb center contact.  Below is a diagram that uses the black traveler wire as an always hot for the switch on the right.


Oh, Awesome!!!!

I'll try it this weekend.

thanks a lot!!

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