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Logic functions, Boolean algebra and data received event

Hello, I am new to Nextion and I see the big potential of such environment and I already built very nice application.

I found that there are no logic functions like AND, OR, etc. It will be nice to use those functions for masking specific parts of a byte when we want to transfer small amount of data like 0 or 1. That way we can use the whole byte (8 bits) for 8 different functions, and with integer value, if we can filter each of those 4 bytes, we can have 32 different functions using only one sent packet. Big problem in Nextion is this amount of data that has to be transferred.

Another part of my request is some kind of "data arrival" event, so we can write some code when data arrives and process it immediately, not just using timer that fires only every 50ms.

I hope you will find my requests interesting, best regards.

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