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Sonoff B1 ITEAD-* SSID doesn't show up or disappears very fast

I'm trying to pair two Sonoff B1, but once the lamps are in pairing mode the SSID for the WiFi doesn't even show up or disappears very fast. I tried it with 3 different devices (Android Smartphone, Raspberry Pi and a laptop). I checked the FAQ at but it wasn't helpful. My lamps are breathing after toggle them 3x. For the AP pairing mode it says "then turn on and off for another 3 times". Should I see any difference? Should the breathing be faster/slower? Do I have to turn it on and off 6 times or 3 times and wait for a number of seconds? Also the breathing stops after a while and stays blue. Both lamps have the same behavior. Can someone tell me if I'm doing something wrong or did I get two broken lamps?

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This issue's description in precisely the same as mine.

I bought 2 devices, silver and gold, from different stores, and they behave the same as described by the post author.

I'm also not sure it I ever entered AP mode, as there are no indication about it in the lamp behavior and the (app-only) instructions are not clear about it.

Does anyone have any additional instructions on this device? It seems to be rather scarce.

I’ve just bought two plugs says for iOS to connect to ITEAD in WiFi it doesn’t come up HELP please ?????
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