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Sonoff with 2-way Physical switches

Hello, I have a scenario in which I have 2 physical switches to control a light and I want to connect it with my sonoff 4ch pro r2. I was thinking of connecting one of these physical switches to sonoff so that I can control the light using the physical switches and eWelink. Can anyone provide me a connection diagram for this scenario? I understand that the live status of the switch won't be updated properly if we combine it with physical switches. I'm okay with with that.

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Worked like a charm!! The only thing is that, I'm not able to use the other 2 channels of my 4ch Pro R2. I tried creating few IFTTT applets to switch on and off channel 2 with the status of channel 1 to make the interlock logic work even in self locking mode. But it didn't work. Maybe I need to think about another logic on IFTTT now. Thanks a lot.

Great!  You might be able to do it with a scene in the app.  Perhaps others can offer some ideas on that.

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I tried scenes. But I'm not able to create an scene for channels within a single 4ch pro

Hi guys,

i have the same scenario, but i don't have space to install the sonoff 4ch pro.

I was wondering if somehow i can achieve the same only using T1 switches. What do you think?

Thanks a lot. 

 And, what if I want to do the same as Varun but using 2 Sonoff Wall Swithces? How should I wire the circuit?


As far as I know you can't use the wall switches with existing 3-way switches left in place as the original poster wanted to do.  They only provide Normally Open contacts.  You can replace both switches with wall switches by using one as the actual switch and one as a dummy switch with the two connected with  a scene.  This setup has been discussed many times on this forum.  Search it.


I once proposed a 3-way switch that included a current monitor both here and on other forums but I am not aware of any manufacturer who has yet offered one.  A switch with NO and NC contacts could be used to replace a 3-way switch and the current monitor would tell the app if the light was on or off.  If someone would produce one of these simple devices they would have a true replacement 3-way switch that would work in harmony with the old existing mechanical switches.  

You can use two switches and create a new scene to toggle the status of each switch depending on the status change of the other switch. I'm planning to do the same using two outs of two 4ch pros with interlocking mode as I don't want waste the other 2 ports of my 4ch Pro.

Thanks for both answers.

Varun, how should I wire the circuit to make it work, and how should I set the scenes?

Thanks again!!

You may use the above diagram which is marked as my answer here for 3 way switches. Regarding the scenes you may have to use two channels from 2 different 4ch pros to create a scene. That ways you can use the other channels of both devices on interlock mode.


Did anyone manage to create a EWE scene using 2 channels of the 4CH Pro, so that one Alexa command could toggle 2 channels together?

I would like to implement the intermediate X-over switch circuit which is achievable, but the EWE control of 2 channels is lacking.

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