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Sonoff POW (R1) Timezone bug and EWELINK

Sonoff POW is using GMT -1 to plot data (POW starts a new day at GMT -1), the app is showing data in user's timezone, this means that there are a few hours everyday were POW readings are wrong. If I am on GMT +5 and POW is on GMT -1 and the EWELINK app shows data in my timezone (GMT + 5), the data/graph is wrong for 6 hours each day. So after 12AM my time(+5) the chart shows the new date (ex: Jun 6) and moves the entire usage of the previous day(Jun 5) to the new day and then at 6AM my time (on Jun 6) all the usage till then (usage till 6AM Jun 6) moves to the old date and the new day start from 0.
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