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Sonoff POW R2 needs Power on State

I have a bunch of old v1 POWs and they all have the Power on State. I recently bought a bunch of POW R2s and have updated thier firmware, it does not have power on state! I had plans to put the POW on my freezer, fridge and ACs. The devices must auto start after a power outage so I do not have to do it myself everytime. The worst case would be after a power outage I am not at home and everything melts away because Sonoff didn't bother to add Power on State on their next gen POW. We need Power on State on POW R2!

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 Henric, friend.

Do you really think that is a solution?
you can not enter 24 alarms, that is, that plan does not work that well.

SonOff POW R2, is in theory more current than previous versions, how can it be that it lacks this important option that already had the previous versions ?.
I'm really disappointed with this device.

@Benit.lopera   No, What I wrote is not a solution. I also hope that they will come with a real fix. But if you did what I wrote, at least your food in the freezer/fridge does not go bad. That was my only goal. See it as a temporary workaround until Itead comes with a real fix :) 

I also have 5 x SonOff Pow R2 and I also dislike that they do not have this option. I hope it will come, otherwise I will flash it with other firmware or change brand. 

It's been 3 months, come on now SONOFF get your act together! It's not like you are making this code from scratch as you have it implemented in almost EVERY OTHER PRODUCT, including your POW R1! This would take one of your coders like 15 mins or less to copy the code from the R1 and drop it in the R2 code???

Eagerly waiting for this

I recently bought my first R2 and am really disappointed that it does not have the "keep previous power state" feature. I think it is a non-brainer for any energy monitoring device such as the R2.

Sonoff, get your act together!!


Please implement this feature!! it is very necessary!!!

Another Bug with Sonoff Pow R2, you can make scenarios based on Voltage or Amper sensors! The only scenario you can use is the power state.

I hope ITEAD will take this issue also in the next firmware version!

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