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Sonoff POW R2 needs Power on State

I have a bunch of old v1 POWs and they all have the Power on State. I recently bought a bunch of POW R2s and have updated thier firmware, it does not have power on state! I had plans to put the POW on my freezer, fridge and ACs. The devices must auto start after a power outage so I do not have to do it myself everytime. The worst case would be after a power outage I am not at home and everything melts away because Sonoff didn't bother to add Power on State on their next gen POW. We need Power on State on POW R2!

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Same here... waiting for update for POW R2, i have the firmware 1.1.0

I have the same problem till now the firmware doesn't support Power on State and the device power on with OFF state which makes this device useless in many situations.

I bought a basic Sonoff switch (no POW) which has the power on state functionality. Nothing is connected to it and it just sits on power. The power on state is checked so this basic switch comes on when power is restored. I then programmed a scene and linked all POW R2s to this basic switch.

Power comes on, the basic switch turn on (through the power on state) and all POW R2s are following and turning on as well. This is just until they release the new firmware. I will then reuse the basic switch for something useful.

@unpluggedEV That's a good idea, but it will only work if there is internet access and their servers aren't busy and the devices connect. As it is, all my devices keep disconnecting during day time because of their  server loads. So while you're idea is good, it  is not  guaranteed to work everytime.

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