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Slider not acting as wanted


I'm struggling with two sliders for some time.

I would like sliders to act in this manner: Slider h0 could not be set lower as slider h1 and h1 could not be set higher as h1. For now I'm experimenting just on slider h0.

Partly I achieved that with statement: "if(h0.val<h1.val){h0.val=h1.val}". This part of code was applied in touch press, touch release and touch move event of slider h0, but I can still see slider cursor jump from its actual value to the value of slider h1.

So this apparently isn't the right approach.

I have also tried with tsw and some other commands with no luck.

Will someone please guide me and tell which command is most suitable for my case and where should I use it (on which component and in which event)

In the end I must add that I would like that pixels are filled with color BLUE from where slider begins and end where the slider is "fill h0.x,h0.y,h0.val*2,h0.h,BLUE".

Thank you.

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