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NexNumber does not work with WEmos D1

I'm trying to compile the attached file. 

Error message = Error compiling for board Wemos D1 R2

I've got the same problem and error message for another program I'm writing.

If I remove the #include "NexNumber.h" all of the other code compiles until (of course) the compiler finds my first reference to NexNumber.

I'm using your library with a Wemos D1 r2, and a 2.8" Nextion display. I compile with the Arduino IDE which I have modified for Wemos.

I #include Nextion.h", and the library has been modified to work with SoftwareSerial.

I can send lots of other information to the display, but need to send numbers from the arduino to the display. I include the example as "standard" code, just in case my own program is at fault.

(3.13 KB)

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I thought that's where I was since your website brought me here. anyway, its fixed, the library i downloaded from your website does not include NexNumber.h

the good library is still at Github

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