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Nextion returns only yyyyyy when i have to much lines in code


Hello my name is Flo, I hope you can understand my bad English, I have not needed it since school.
I'm also not sure if this is the right forum but on the new one can not start topics?
I've been trying to get my Nextion to work for weeks.
I use the 2.4 "and an Arduino UNO, I connected it via the hardware serial
After a short successful test I ordered 4 pieces and now I can not use it in my projects because I just can not manage it.

I made a little test skech to find out where the mistake could be but I can not get it.
every time i comment out a few more lines, after the initialization, the display will only return YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY SYY- YY YYYYN and will not work anymore.
Maybe someone can tell me where my fault lies?
(9.43 KB)
(130 KB)


Vielleicht zuerst die Fehler aus der Arduino-Skizze?

-Ich sehe die SoftwareSerial-Bibliothek zweimal, einmal ist genug.

-SSerial.begin wurde falsch geschrieben, es muss sein: Serial.begin

-dbSerialPrintln muss sein: Serial.println und SSerial.println ist wieder Serial.println

-In der Void-loop finde ich void ab0PopCallback und ab1PopCallback aber auch unter Class function. Im loop entfernen.

Also, also zuerst diese Fehler entfernen. Das nächste Mal muss auf Englisch antworten, fürchte ich ... (Ich bin Holländer.)



Hello Flo,

First take some mistakes from the Arduino Sketch. Once Include SoftwareSerial is enough. SSerial.begin must be Serial. begin. Don't forget the dot. Start dbSerialPrintln is wrong, change to Serial.println. The same also for SSerial.println. Under void loop is ab0Popcallback and ab1PopCallback, remove this is already under klassendefinition. Check everything carefully, there are probably more mistakes. Get rid of it and correct it!



dbSerialPrintln is a Iteadlb Arduino Nextion Library #define and is not incorrect.

- this is not the cause of the problem.

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