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 I am currently using an Arduino Mega 2560 with 5.0" Enhanced Nextion display connected to TX2/RX2 so that I can still receive debug messages on the default Serial Monitor.

I have used the Nextion Editor 0.53 to generate a copy of the tutorial screen for my 5.0" display.

I am powering the display with a seperate 5V 800mA supply with a common grounding wire to my Arduino Mega. The yellow RX wire goes to Mega pin 16 (TX2) and the blue TX wire goes to Mega pin 17 (RX2).

The Arduino code for the tutorial compiles with no problems.

When I try to run the tutorial's Arduino code, I receive two debug error messages on the default Serial Monitor:

"recvRetCommandFinished err" and another

"recvRetCommandFinished err";

 when the Arduino executes the "nexInit();" line.

I have tried both versions 0-7-0 and 0-9-0 of the ITEAD_Arduino_Nextion libraries.

I made sure that the serial ports were correctly defined in the config.h file:

------------------------------ ------------------------------ --------


* Define DEBUG_SERIAL_ENABLE to enable debug serial.

* Comment it to disable debug serial.




* Define dbSerial for the output of debug messages.


#define dbSerial Serial


* Define nexSerial for communicate with Nextion touch panel.


#define nexSerial Serial2

------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------

The attached files are from the 0-7-0 version of the ITEAD_Arduino_Nextion library.

I receive the same error messages when I try to run the RandomNerdTutorial's "Nextion_28_Project" tutorial Arduino code as well; which uses the same call to "nexInit();".

Any suggestions as to what might remedy these errors?

Thank you in advance.

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This is not as instructed

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