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adding NexText tLVlvl = NexText(2, 15, "t0lvl"); stops already working textboxes


I've been deep diving into Arduino and Nextion for the last 3 weeks and am quiet happy with what I have accomplished so far.

With my VB and VBA background I was surprisingly capable of creating my first functionality. To be honest, C and C++ isn't really my thing, but my goal is explicitly set which allows me to go full focus on finalizing this.

At the moment I have the following issue:

I'm able to show analog data on the screen, do calculation with that and show that too. Smoothing the incoming analog data for example.

Hooking into the textboxes on the screen using the following code works fine (PS: sorry for the "language" I use as I'm not too familiair with the actual vocabulary.): 

Operational code, working fine:

NexText tavrLV = NexText(0, 3, "tavrLV");
NexText tavrLA = NexText(0, 5, "tavrLA");
NexText tavrRV = NexText(0, 6, "tavrRV");
NexText tavrRA = NexText(0, 7, "tavrRA");
NexText tRTLV = NexText(0, 10, "t2");
NexText tRTLA = NexText(0, 11, "t3");
NexText tRTRV = NexText(0, 12, "t4");
NexText tRTRA = NexText(0, 13, "t5");
NexText tSMLV = NexText(0, 19, "t11");
NexText tSMLA = NexText(0, 20, "t12");
NexText tSMRV = NexText(0, 21, "t13");
NexText tSMRA = NexText(0, 22, "t14");
NexText tSETLV = NexText(0, 24, "t16");
NexText tSETLA = NexText(0, 25, "t17");
NexText tSETRV = NexText(0, 26, "t18");
NexText tSETRA = NexText(0, 27, "t19");

NexText tchaLV = NexText(1, 2, "t0");
NexText tchaLA = NexText(1, 3, "t1");
NexText tchaRV = NexText(1, 4, "t2");
NexText tchaRA = NexText(1, 5, "t3"); 

NexButton bHigh = NexButton (2, 1, "bHigh");
NexButton bMedium = NexButton (2, 2, "bMedium");
NexButton bLow = NexButton (2, 3, "bLow");

 As I'd like to create additional textboxes on the second page I got this code available (with identical construction as above working code).

//NexText tLVlvl = NexText(2, 15, "t0lvl");
//NexText tLAlvl = NexText(2, 16, "t1lvl");
//NexText tRVlvl = NexText(2, 17, "t2lvl");
//NexText tRAlvl = NexText(2, 18, "t3lvl");

However.... as soon as I uncomment: the already operational code stops working, giving me the following error:

recvRetCommandFinished err

I tried to be more explicit by adding page0. page1. page2 to the textfield names (to make sure the page referrals are properly set, but that didn't solve this.

I've been looking into this for quiet some time now and got no other solution than raising this question here now.

What do I overlook?

Thanks for any direction you can give me solving this.


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