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SONOFF T433 86 Type Wall Panel 433MHz Wireless RF


I’ve purchased the ‘SONOFF T433 86 Type Wall Panel 433MHz Wireless RF Remote Control Transmitter’ but can’t figure out how to get it to work as a switch.  I can create it as an RF alarm input and link that to a scene.  I can switch on a Wi-Fi Wireless Switch but can’t figure out how to press the button again and get the switch to turn off.


Any thoughts or ideas?


How do you configure that?

Do you have any manual in english?


No arrived in a box, no instructions.

Can't really see what the point of the switch is - you press the touch button, it outputs an RF code, the bridge hears it, and runs a scene.  Not much use as a switch if you can’t turn the thing off again.


I just figured out how to install the batteries after trying all combinations.  But all it does is turn red when I press the button.  How do I even synch this with a switch or the app?  I've tried holding the button down for 10 seconds.  Nothing happens.  Help please.

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