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Nextion and nodemcu with easy esp..

Hi all I hope this is the right place I really need some help. So what I am trying to do. I am a volunteer fire fighter and we have an incident command vehicle with sides that expand out and a cctv mast. Currently it is all controlled by separate switches. What I have some so far Setup a domoticz server on raspberry pi, setup a wemos d1 mini as an access point, setup a wemos d1 mini with a relay for the switches and I have setup a nodemcu with esp easy as a control module. I have it so I can send a command with the nodemcu or the domoticz server to activate the relay and it works fine. What I would love to do is setup the nextion to activate the relays. I have seen the nextion displays setup to the nodemcu boards but I am not great at the coding side of tings. Can the nextion displays be set go transmit web commands from esp easy to the domoticz server. I'm really stuck now. I need help Thanks in advance
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