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Sonoff basic with touch switch problem


 made a touch wall switch using Sonoff basic and TTP223 (red) touch module on GPIO14 .I used ESPeasy and it also is controlled through openhab via Mqtt . Everything works perfect on the breadboard (connected to pc with ftdi) .

My problem . When i intall it with AC power i have a problem with the manual touch switch turning on and off from noise i guess . It flickers the touch switch on and off turning the light on and off randomly . Its not a wifi issue as its getting a good wifi signal and works from openhab, 

I took it apart to play with the touch switch while on and if i hold the wire for the touch switch and can get it to stop flickering and not cause it to turn on /off .I thought maybe the touch switch was too close to the sonoff but if im holding the wire i can put it right up to the sonoff and not be a problem so thats not it. I think its getting noise introduces from the AC power .How do i fix this  

Any suggestions..


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