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Anybody using a Nextion HMI Display?


I am on the process of setting up something with my Pi.
It will include the need to use a display to show some graphical info. That information will not be very complex, and mostly fixed by programming, and when looking for something good for that, I found out a 2.8" Nextion HMI USART Serial Panel. It is a programmable device, intended to be managed by serial port sended commands.
While still in early process of testing (I got the display past week), and thus not yet in the "I found this trouble" status, I would like to ask if someone around has positive experience in using it, best if using Python. If so, could share what found issues, connection structure, etc? As a sample and while I still did not even try to connect (still learning to program content from a PC), I am not sure how will I - according to manufacturer documents, it seems that while it should be possible to connect and manage it using GPIO TxD and RxD ports, there are some issues that need special configuration. Another option could be using the same USB to UART adaptor that I am actually using to program it from PC.
So... any experiences or ideas?


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Animated Explainer Video

First question, Yes, loads of people are using Nextion Displays

- both from the designing point

- to then 1000's of Nextions produced from the design.

Nextion is used with over 68000 MCUs

- those equipped with a UART module (such as Pi)

- to those bitbanging serial on 2 Digital GPIO pins

Nextion is used with over 130 programming languages

- you seem to prefer python, myself?  Pascal

It seems you need to learn how to use Serial on your MCU

Then Nextion has a simple text based instruction set

and an easy byte aligned Return Data

Nextion side also provides interpreted logic,

  although is not designed as MCU replacement

Making it possible to do many many things.

Nextion is an HMI device - Human Machine Interfacing

Nextion is not a general purpose display.

You must decide if you need an HMI device

Best solutions come from

Enhanced Support is available as a paid solution.

So indeed, many find it to be a perfect solution

 PS:  Posting your question in closed forum gallery is perhaps showing you do not read well, a necessity in learning to program exacting MCUs