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Using Sonoff 4 button remotes to trigger scenes?

Hi I have the sonoff RF Bridge and 4 of your 4 button remotes. At present if I want the remotes to trigger a scene in eWelink to control Wi-Fi sonoff switches then I have to configure each remote as an alarm in the RF Bridge. This means I can only have 4 buttons in total controlling scenes. Could remote control buttons be made to control scenes rather than just alarms controlling scenes? That way I would be able to have 16 scenes that I controlled from RF remotes. I am doing this because I have a switch that I want to control both on and off by any one of four remotes for different family members. The reason is it is an outside light we wish to control as we drive towards it and using the phone to do it is illegal in the UK.

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I have the same problem, i add 4 button remote, but when i try to create a scene, tgeres no option to use the buttons, only if you add them to the bridge via 'alarm' This has to be a fault that needs sorting
I think you mean operating the phone manually is illegal in U.K.? I am too. Depending on the devices you have can you connect them to IFTTT? As a trigger you can use the phone’s GPS as an automatic trigger. IFTTT limits you to only one connection per ‘applet’ but you can setup multiple ‘applets’ for the same trigger. That limits you to only 1 scene per 1 phone, but it should work without you thinking or doing anything.
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