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20th Jan 2018 sonoff devices are not responding with amazon alexa. Please help;

As per the subjtect. 

It is 20th jan and my 24 sonoff device swiches are not working with amazon alexa. They are responding to the app of ewelink but not amazon alexa. 

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Does anyone know if we can still get Alexa integration if we flash custom firmware?
This is getting ridiculous Its up for an hour or two then down again. Alexa up and down the app up amd down. This is just crazy. Come on itead get it together. Release lan control and gice us the option of using our own server. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster. Up and down all day long. Its ridiculous.

I'm in the same situation

Having same problem in USA.  Started two days ago.  Been up and down the past two days. This needs to be fixed !  

I can't believe this is happening how hard is it to keep a server running good when you are a such a big company
They have a facebook page too post you situation there too

This must be a server overload problem. Right now, alexa replies that the "server is not responding" but some 30 seconds later the command does get executed. They have promised a capacity upgrade for mid January and we're past that. 

Just how big is this company? 

I am having similar problems, Google Assistant keeps losing control I have deleted the Sonos devices and re- paired them a few times, they work ok with the EWeLink app but now when I try to pair the app with Google Home I get a message saying “Network Abnormal try again later” Is this my network or EWeLink?

The network abnormal message keeps happening to me as well so Its not your network.

This afternoon my lights worked with alexa but there was a big delay of about 30 seconds before it activated. Alexa said it was not responding then it did function after a short while later.

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Same deal again on 20th Feb - how weird. These sonoff devices suck!!

Not working via ewelink app. Timers setup for device work. Not if using ifttt as network required. Did get message last night saying server upgrade try in 2 hours. It's been over 20. Need to look how hard it is to reflash these and use own server setup. This sucks using spinoff cloud.
In the UK and my devices stopped working, after much trial and error I found that the password for my router in EWeLink had an extra letter added to it therefore the devices couldn’t connect. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t my fault although I had been working with other lights.
Alexa skill can not found sonoff B1??
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