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Garage Door Inching Switch

 I want to get a 1 channel inching switch to interface with the my garage door opener.  I could simply take the two low voltage wires from the button on the wall and run them into the Sonoff.  Question is, I was to keep the physical wall button in the loop so dont have to use ewelink only to operate the door. Just not sure if the Sonoff will be able to tell the door was opened/closed via the physical button.

Sonoff won't be able to determine if the door is open or closed.  The only sure way would be a limit switch at each end of the travel.  This would probably be the case even if you just had the Sonoff without a separate manual push button.  To explain, our door responds to the button push in different ways depending on the context.   Door fully open - button press causes door to fully close.  If the door's fully closed, a button press causes it to fully open.  However pressing the button while the door's in motion makes the door stop at whatever position it's reached.   Pressing again causes travel to be reversed.

Really for Sonoff control you'd want an operator with separate Open and Close inputs.


If you had the limit switch, and could write some sort of script then maybe a "Close" script would be to push the button briefly if the door isn't closed, then repeat again after say 60 seconds if door is still not closed.  The door might go up and down a couple of times but once closed it should stay closed.


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