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Please help with that tjc lcd Can somone place a one little help Iv got tjc lcd and I can’t upload heather thru arduno fake Nextion HMI uploader niece I manage to upload a little bit and then stops and on screen echoes message wrong model Only I can upload thru Chinese version but this Lang is crazy, please help I read all topics on this forum is not working
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TJC - Mainland China
Nextion - International

When you buy a Nextion, then Nextion support is at

When you buy a TJC you use TJC for support whether you think the language is crazy or not.  Since both originate from China, it would be best to not refer to language as crazy - not a good idea.  Sorry.  TJC and Nextion work together to ensure firmware from one is not usable with the other, so your option is use TJC for support.

PS. This forum closed last year Nov 15.