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(Arduino) Getting Dual State Button Value

Hello, I was using bborncr library for my project, but project grow up and it started failing a lot, then I'm trying to use official iTead library (which I believe is faster and doesn't fail, right?).



I'm having SERIOUS problem with it...





I uploaded the DualStateButton code to it, I changed



NexDSButton bt0 = NexDSButton(0, 1, "bt0");




NexDSButton bt0 = NexDSButton(10, 4, "despautoset");



and the dualstate return command. And it doesn't work, when I press the button, my Serial returns







But doesn't recognize the button state...



I used the original HMI file (which comes with the example) and it worked fine, but with my project, it doesn't work

(191 KB)

After some testing, I figure out the problem... It was:

The "Touch Press Event Send Component ID" doesn't works with the example, you've to check the "Touch Release Press Event"

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