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Nextion Support status?

I recently purchased a Nextion TFT display and have a few questions and mainly bugs to deal with mainly in the Nextion Editor.  I have simple projects that work in the simulator but not in hardware.  As well as the crazy, magic auto rearranging of id numbers. 

I see all of the redirections to another website for "new forums".  But that's pretty clearly not factual.  This new site appears to be more of a placeholder. 

I'm also not quite sure how it's a good idea to ignore support issues by actively and knowingly redirect customers wanting support to a dead end.  I apologize if somehow I missed activity on this new site.  But I don't think so.

What's the status?  Is this temporary?  Or is support of the Nextion devices reached it's end?  If the product is "end-of-life" for support just let the world know so we don't waste money on these devices.

I think this is a great device.  But it's not as complete as it should be when it comes to the editor. 

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Reading helps.

This forum (the old) was closed Nov 15th, 2017 as the community was told with advanced notice.
The new forum (now the forum) was opened Sept 1 2017.





I am not sure what you are missing at ... is neither temporary nor incomplete ...  just go there and register ...

and yes, every new site must start at some point ...

and no, the new site is no death end for support. You can open tickets, you can post in the new forum ... you only must do things according to the rules which are stated clearly there ...