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Sonoff to be interfaced with garage door opener

Hi All,

Looking for some help here

I have purchased a sonoff switch and would like to connect it to my garage door opener,

Have read a few links on the internet where it shows that Sonoff be directly be connected to the garage door opener module as there is still no "pulse function".

Also my garage door module has this following items ,PB,PE,GND,LMP,+24V.

iam assuming that i will need to connect the "modified sonoff" to the PB and GND to work as a on/off switch.

If anyone has any ideas or diagrams would be very good,i have basic electronics skills


you have various possibilities. You can attach the Sonoff directly to the external input of your garage opener. Unfortunately, all sonoff have a potential contact (230 v in and 230 v out).
I solved it with the sonoff 4ch pro. This has potential-free contact that you can connect to the entrance of the garage opener. Or simpler: braze two wires on the micorswitch of your remote control of your garage opener and now you can connect it to the 4ch pro. then you can operate on the contacts also several remote controls (picture).
Then you can set a pulse from 250 ms (0,25 sec) up to 4 sec.



Thanks for the update but i already got a 1-channel sonoff device.

how do i interface to a 1 channel sonoff?

with a one channel it is very difficult. You will not get a triggered signal because the smallest unit of time is 1 min. Then you have to set an contactor between the sonoff output and the external input of the garage because the standard sonoff has a 230 V output. Sorry but the one chanel is not the best choise. Greetings
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