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Stringify integration

The Sonoff switches are great tools and have made a big difference to the way my smart home works for me.

Integration with the Stringify app would add so many useful features, allowing the use of things like sunrise/sunset (including offsets), geofencing and many other smart home sensors as triggers for Sonoff switches. Stringify takes care of that with a large (and growing) menu.

This integration will increase the versatility of your wonderful switches.

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This would be a great addition. I use Stringify for many things in my home automation. Seems to be a reliable service to use.

I have asked support at Stringify. Their response:


"Sonoff/Ewelink have not released a public cloud API w/ oAuth2 for us to use :(."


:( indeed!

Did Anybody from ITEAD/eWelink comment about this?

Nothing yet.

I, too, would like to see Sonoff/Ewelink integrated with Stringify.

A match made in the Cloud?

Darron in Reno, Nevada, USA

This is something I would use.

A powerful feature where the home automation community would pick up and adopt and spread rapidly.
+ another for stringify integration.
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