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Ability to downgrade firmware


I'm one of the maintainers of the opensource project , however with the latest release there appears to be certificate pinning (or similar) happening. This means that users can only upgrade the firmware in the Sonoff devices if they open it up, and solder in headers.

Using this OTA method users could get all of the benefits of an open platform, without the the need to open up the device and solder etc.

To allow customers to still do this, it would be great if you could either, provide a way of having an alternative update server (with no certificate pinning), or allow using to downgrade to previous versions of firmware that did allow SonOTA to work.

Your help is appreciated to allow every to benefit from the open platform.

Thank you.

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While Cert pinning is a good thing for online updates, allowing the user to flash a firmware on a local network and securing it by letting the user confirm it with a press of a button on the device would be a good idea to keep it protected, while still allowing people to freely use their devices.

It could be promoted officially for offline updates, while just letting it work with unsigned custom firmwares, if they don't want to officially support custom firmwares for their devices. 

The easy support for custom firmwares, to allow it to be used without a third party online server was the main reason I used it and suggested it to other people, so finding out only the soldering version works now was a bummer.

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I think I am not wrong in saying, you only have physical connect 1 time to switch firmware. After that its OTA. If someone on this forum has such a big issue why don't you sell flashes units, it seems everyone her claims they are willing to pay a few $$ for this feature. So buy the units from sonoff flash and resell for $5 to $10 more. That is still cheaper than the other options out there.
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