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I live in Europe and since last one hour my sonoff switches (15 of them) cannot connect to server. Also when i try to login in ewlink application i got message server error. Where is problem and what to do?

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I’m the same, it’s all over the place

Same in Denmark...all down :(

Hi from Spain, it is the same here.


Hi from Germany, same problem all three devices down. 

Hi from France ! Same issue here :-( Plz let us know how to fix this... Thx
Same problem here in the UK

same here in croatia

Same here in the UK pulling my hair out are the servers down

The same in Portugal

Down in Bavaria........
Prob have to wait till morning in China!
Hi from Poland. Looks like whole EU is down. Ping and nothing

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Kind off sucks not being able to even control via local wifi.  Wish this was an option to do for times like this when something outside of our control happens in Europe.

6 people like this me!... And before coming here I have deleted my sonoff links and started redoing all from scratch; thinking it was a WiFi problem or something. Bhaaa

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