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Sonoff POW firmware has NO power on state

I have a few Sonoff basic and just bought a new Sonof POW. There is no power on state select for Sonoff POW as there is for Sonoff basic. I want to make sure that my Sonoff POW is always on when it is powered again after a power cut. Any idea what should I do?

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Minh Nguyen: there is this functionality - look in the device setting menu. Check you have firmware 2.0.4

the firmware 2.0.4 has been closed
What does it mean "the firmware 2.0.4 has been closed"?
My firmware version is 2.0.2 but there is no button to update to version 2.0.4.
Can I update it manually? How to do that ?


This is the snapshot of Ewelink App.

There is no "cloud button" to update to newer version (2.0.4).

I have been reinstalled the application, remove device then add device again, change the smartphone, but it seems that firmware version 2.0.2 is the latest version.

Is there any way to update to newest version?

Odd. I'm on 2.0.4
firmware 2.0.4 closed at july. there is no new firmware so you can't upgrade it before they release it.
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