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@NEXTION-Team: What is your recommended workflow for HMI design with MCU responses


can you please be so kind and generally explain, how the NEXTION is meant to be used, when you need to interact with a MCU.

As an example: I have a Nextion Editor-HMI-file with the following content:

3 pages with one picture at every page. on the first page there is a start-button. The HMI file takes care of switching to page 2. In my MCU (I'm using the Arduino library), i listen to the button and have a PushCallbackfunction there. This function takes care for starting a motor. This motor is moving until the MCU recognizes a Ref-Switch - signal. At this point i need to tell the NEXTION that it should switch to page 3.

Is there a ready made function in the Arduino Library to get and change e.g. the current page id or do i have to write the desired serial commands by my own?

What is your suggested way of doing this?

I had problems to register at the new forum, but now it worked. therefore i will double-post this thread to the new forum. if you like, this thread can be deleted. (as long as nowbody answered here...)

 I will respond in the new