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unable to share Sonoff device between accounts on Android 4.4

Hi guys,

my scenario is:

- 2 accounts recently (in the last week) registered on smartphones in 1 city of Bulgaria. Somehow 1st one is registered by phone number, 2nd one - by email. There is no possible option to change the registration. The same latest version 3.0.0 of the eWeLink APP on both smartphones. Both phones are part of local Bulgarian gsm providers.

- master account (the one registered with phone number) wants to share device to the second account.

- the APP responds - user XXX not exists (XXX is the email used for the 2-nd account).

- Finally - unable to share Sonoff device between accounts.

Tried to uninstall/install APP again on the 2-nd device - same success. Tried to logoff/logon on both accounts several times... same success.

Both accounts are online at the same time, the network status is stable.

Can you help?

Is this a bug, or it is a feature?

Why 2 similar devices with the same APP version are registered differently?




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