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Control Sonoff socket with web interface instead of app?

I have a Sonoff remote control power socket, and find that the eWeLink app drains my phone's battery very quickly. Is there a way of controlling the socket over the internet using a web GUI instead of the eWeLink app?

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Download an android emulator like bluestacks & install ewelink app on it is the only way I could do in on a windows pc if thats any help

I've controlled mine via IFTTT website. I can open any web browser, paste the web address with event and presto.

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Use webhooks on IFTTT website.  Build applets for on and off.  Create a local web page on your computer that loads the webhooks url into an inline frame when you click a link for on or off.  This is working for me.


Keep the web page on your local computer to protect your webhooks key.  If you want to place it on a public site, use PHP or other server side language to hide it.


Another method, as described above, is create bookmarks in your browser with the webhooks urls required to turn the switch on or off.  Then you can click in the bookmark in your browser to do the job.

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Perfect - many thanks!

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