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Once again: Firmware update - from PC to NEXTION via MCU?

Hello again,

There was this long thread about 

Firmware Update without Nextion EditorFirmware Update without Nextion Editor. As you can see there, it leaded into an application (in form of an Arduino sketch) and the publishing of the upload protocol.

This application can be used, if you have an additional SD-card mounted on your MCU and if you also have access to this slot.

If your MCU/NEXTION is mounted in a closed case and you only have access to the USB connector of your MCU (e.g. Arduino), it would be a huge step forward having a Desktop application, which lets you choose the right tft-file and the COM-port and then sends the .tft in small pieces to the MCU. The MCU-sided sketch should then upload it to the NEXTION similar to the upload sketch, which is already part of the itead-Arduino Library.

I know, itead is not responsible for writing our application, but on the other hand such an update-scenario is not uncommon and maybe would rise the sales for itead?

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sorry, please use the new forum, this forum will be closed soon ...

anyway, the protocol is public, so, just code it ... and done ... or ...

use enhanced Support and let it be done ...

in any case, this is a payed individual customisation work ...