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Editor v0.50 issues

 Today I downloaded the latest editor and tryed a few of the v0.32 examples.

The most of them let the editor crash with a divsion by zero error.
Is that a known issue?

every old comes to an end. Since 0.32 many many things changed, internals, file formats of zi, HMI and TFT's ...

I can't tell you why the developers decide to nolonger support 0.32 formats, if it was done by accident or default ...

Most easy way to rescue your 0.32 files is

- make an installation of 0.48 latest, this can be parallel to your 0.50 installation
- run 0.48, load your 0.32 made HMI
- just save the HMI again with 0.48
- and you are done for 0.50

be aware, this file can't be loaded again with 0.32. If there is a need to do so, keep a copy ...


Thank you so much.


Is there a changelog, by the way? The information on the download page is sparse, to say the least ;-)

all instructions related is already part of the NIS documentation

no more "changelog" available ... sorry


I found usup there, thanks, and the HEX input option in the debug window, but what does "save to EEPROM" mean? Will wepo and wept be honored in the debugger now if a HMI is connected?


save eeprom means, the debugger just simulates a real 1k eeprom as binary file ...

limitations now are

  • always the same filename is used ...
  • if you work with different projects and different eeproms, you must manually backup/restore this eeprom-file in your editors folder ...


btw. the eeprom file is located in the Editors main "document" folder, one below "bianyi" , as "eeprom.bin"


Nice! :)

Thank you for explaining.


Rolling changelog was in "Download the latest Nextion Editor" thread

- and an equivalent will be created for the New Forum

How do I find the earlier version:   v0.48 to use as Gerry Kropf suggested in this thread, to convert the 0.32 examples ?   I'm just starting with Nextion and really wanted to learn with the example files, but the only download link seems to be for v0.50.

The link is right above your post.  Try reading please.

I tried that link.  It gets a 404 error.    I do read posts.   

This one works: Nextion Editor Setup v0.48 EXE  

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