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Nextion Dual volt amp and power meter using esp8266 and dual ina219

Hey Guys 

Here is a nice dual  meter you can use to monitor power  voltage and amperage on 2 different channels

it uses a esp8266 or any other arduino compatible device to talk to 2 ina 219 sensors and the nextion on software serial

(2.44 KB)
(736 KB)

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Hi Martijn,

great project, may you mind and post some photos here?
Be aware, many users out don't have YouTube access ...



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ofcourse  i can take some pictures

make sure you use following nextion library when compiling the arduino sketch 


(32 KB)
(31.4 KB)
(32 KB)
looks pretty good ... thx for the contribution ...

for the housing, you made a cnc cutout?


yea the interface is still a work in progress  but it works prety well 

no its 3d printed 

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