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Global Variable Scope

I am using an arduino to try to read and write the value of a global variable using 



However, even though the variables scope is set to global I cannot read/write to it unless the page with the variable on is visible. 

I have also tried

    uint32_t Max = 2147483647;


which doesnt work.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Answer must have been in minimum 20 other threads (Search bar above)

Reviewing the code for getValue() and setValue() in library file reveals how it is parsed


  get n0.valÿÿÿ



This is parsed from the declaration.  "n0"  page 0 .id 23

NexNumber mynum = NexNumber(0,23,"n0");

So when wanting to access a global - page prefix

perhaps doing do in the declaration might  make sense?

NexNumber mynum = NexNumber(0,23,"page0.n0");


This is not a BUG in my Report A Bug Section

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Not understanding your MCU side code is neither

 - a bug of Nextion Editor or a bug of Nextion Firmware

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