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nextion problem

I copy the a file in sd card when i power the device display "no file...."

What exact type and size of the sd card? Which file? Why didn’t you attach it, so that others might help you checking and diagnosing? If you want help, you have at least a minimum of information to provide so that someone who is perhaps willing to help can exactly and without doubt reproduce the problem. Question of common sense...

in such cases I always imagine somebody who enter a restaurant. And when asked from the waiter what he like to eat and order, he only answer "I am hungry ..."

yeah, from such the staff knows "exactly" what to serve ...


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Here the atachment and the nextion display
(282 KB)

It's NOT the HMI file which has to be copied on the SD card but its compiled version, the TFT file. You can find it after compiling in the Nextion IDE's menu under File -> open build folder.

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Thank you very very much it's ok.
sooooooooooooooooo after this is now clear HMI<>TFT ...

happy coding with your Nextion ...



Everybody is welcome. I'll send an invoice... ;-) 

noooo price dumping here ... ours are the reference ...

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It was just about the RTFM fee... <:o)

that's indeed DOUBLE !!!   :-P