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Image distortion when drawing (fill) over slider

Hi all,

I'm trying to draw a status line (rendered to the left of and following the cursor) the using fill over my slider - however I get a distortion on both the debugger and on the display, any idea what I've done wrong?:


Event code is: "fill 105+h0.val,280,h0.val,10,9777 "

(HMI attached).

(2.11 KB)

maybe your strategy is wrong ...
maybe you are too speedy ...

maybe you are too speedy for your used strategy ...


2 fills in one event are better than 3 fills in 3 events


Hi Gerry,

I've drawn a line on the other side of the cursor which seems to resolve the problem nicely.

One question you may be able to help with - Can you think of a method to separate the maxval from the slider GUI? I would like 255 steps for this program but need 465 for the slider graphics logic :)


fill 100,283,h0.val,3,2991

fill 135+h0.val,283,465-h0.val,3,21130

(8.47 KB)

sorry, but it's not really clear what you want ...  ;-)

Programming is about meeting the requirements.

 - you stated you have a constraint of 465 for the display

 - then this 0 to 464 yields 465 as range, no?

 - you state you want to have 255 steps so range of 0 to 254 is 255

Has the concept of ratios become so outdated, or ?

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