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Sonoff 4CH pro offline after a while

My sonoff 4CH pro (240V) goes offline after a while. I did some troubleshooting myself, i work in the IT wireless and networking business but i can't get it fixed.

Firmware 2.0.1 (latest)

Pairing was succesfull. Device is online in the E-welink app. But for some reason after a couple of hours, or one day, it is showing offline. Tried multiple devices, all showing offline.

Cutting the power and put it back on, solves the issue, again for a couple of hours. Then offline again.

The led blinking is saying, it has connection but no connection to the router. That's seems to be correct.

I can ping the device over the Wifi. I have ubiquity wifi. The AP the device is on is not busy, almost no other wifi devices. I have other Always online devices which do not have problems at all.

- I tried already to disable the firewall at the router (switched from low to off). It did not help.

- Also tried reconnecting the Sonoff device at the wifi. After a while it is pingable again. Still showing offline.

- Changed DNS servers. All the servers in the troubleshooting guide are pingable from my network.

So i'm stuck right now. What can i do to make it work without going offline? Can i access the device with telnet or SSH, or get some kind of logging out of it?

I justed paired the device again, now on my internet provider router. It is paired again. Lets see what happens in a couple of days.

Connection seems to be ok and stable now. So there seems to be something wrong with my ubiquity wifi or network switch allthough i disabled all firewalling completely.

I wil investigate the ubiquity asap. If i find something interesting i will post it on this forum.

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