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Favorite feature on nextion screen

I want the nextion screen feature to be favorites. I would like to add those buttons to this page according to the degree of frequency entered on different page buttons. Here are the steps I want to make:

1) clicked b1 button on page 1 5 times

     clicked b2 on page 1 6 times

     page 5, b3 button 5 times

     page 3 click b4 button 1 time

     clicked b5 on page 4 3 times

2) page 5 is my favorites page. The first 3 buttons that are clicked most will be added to this page.

3) pages 5, b1, b2, b3 will be added to different pages.

the responsibility is:

Can I add the b1 button on page 1 to page 5 with software?


tft design is static, not dynamic ...

tft design can only be changed within your hmi ...

I understand. thank you

You can not add a button dynamically

 - you can track most clicked and have top 3

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