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Linking problems & solution between google Home, Google Assistant & Sonoff devices

I had all sorts of problems with getting Google Home to work with Google Assistant to work with my Sonoff devices ( to switch lights). I got it working twice before it stopped again after I tried to add more devices. I had to unlink and relink extra devices and it stopped linking altogether. In the end I rebooted the WiFi router and everything started working again. I noticed the Google device named reset back to what I called then in the asonoff App. I just renamed them so I could control them through Google Home.

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Same here, My sonoff G1 works great on ewelink. But when i link my sonoff on Google assistant on my Iphone, the app backs to first screen with blue plus.  I can´t choose the device model. 

Hi Ulisses Honor  

I can see from the G1 sonoff that works well with you on the ewelink. can  you write here from what country and operator  use ,  because many people have a problem with these modules and it does not work and ewelink nothing to do with it.


best regards


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