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KeybdA and KeybdB reset two state buttons?

I have latched some two state buttons and the  enter a variable to a numeric value through the keyboard, When the value is returned the two state buttons are unlatched

This also happens with the text keyboard to a text box

I assume that the recall to the page takes the initial button states.

 Is there anyway to avoid this?

when it is coded to reset the status, you also can recode it to keep the status ...

unlock the keyboard page, and you see the underlaying code ... change it to your needs ...



(126 KB)



  cov input.txt,p[loadpageid.val].b[loadcmpid.val].val,0




page loadpageid.val

This is the code from the return button on the text keyboard

The only code that resets the status is the last line, but without this line the keyboard will not disappear nor the text value display

Suggestions ?

a local stays local, a global stays global ... 

(10.8 KB)
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