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auto repeat button

Is it possible to create a button that will auto increment a variable when held pushed?



(7.88 KB)


I have 12 buttons that i would like to be auto repeat but i found that only 6 timers are allowed, is there a way around?

yes, use one timer ....

Done that but now i have errors on invalid variables that should be valid (at least they were before)


Is it that your answer?

yes ...

you've just lost a customer!

Errors are descriptive - invalid variables

 - but I am sure you already have this fixed and just didn't report back

No I cannot figure out why the variables are invalid when they were before my last change.

I am sorry Cachomachine - you are out of line.

But just for the public record

    Val2.val does not equal val2.val

As such the compiler threw an error when it could not find

    your Val2.val in the component list.

Let the record show:

 - this is a public community driven forum

 - users must wait for members of the community to respond

 - even in the past you personally responded to community members

   so you are very aware of how the community forum works.

 - In under 24 hours your original question was answered

   even with an accompanying HMI

 - the forum is not a place for dump your code and expect others to debug

    - although we will consider it for a fee as it comes up more often

 - as such, to debug your code, you were offered enhanced support

 - you received fast and quick service

    - much faster than what service was 1 1/2 years ago

    - questions then went unanswered for three to six months

       - it is a community driven forum

       - many users have not had the time to log in yet to even see your question


So for such impatience and lack of attention to case sensitivity

 - your public response is to threaten to quit

 - even your PIC driven MCU side C code is generally case sensitive

Such was indeed in the wrong manner, and I have to say: for shame.

Within 16 minutes of you asking your question

 - you received not only an answer, but even a working example HMI

Even this fast and quick response during public holiday time

 - and yes, enhanced support would have provided a solution

   - during public holiday time, in quick order.

Sorry - but on this one, you are wrong.

when 5 out of 6 report error

  - then one might have looked to the one that wasn't throwing the error

MCUs only do exactly as they are told to do

 - you should know this for all the time you invested

But I am sorry to see how you take your mistake

  and blatantly blame good speedy service during Holiday

 - such is the actions of a child, I expected more

The office reopens Oct 9, 2017  9:00a China time.

 - we shall further take our holiday leave after such

If they worked before, then you changed something, no argument!

Is for example Val5.val exactly the same as val5.val?

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