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purchasing for business

I've used Nextion displays for a few years now for hobby projects.  I'm working on a project at work and the product we are designing includes a display.  I haven't found an intelligent display that I like as much as Nextion and recommended it to our customer.  My customer's purchasing department attempted to contact someone, but did not get a reply and has given up.  If anyone knows of a contact at Nextion that could speak with my customer, please respond.  It's not a huge quantity, but they'd purchase around 1000 a year in production.


Direct Contact to Itead is/has been on the main website

and now is also on the new website

When purchase quantity is less than 100 - pricing wont change.

- as such, the webstore is most efficient.

Pricing for quantities over 100 need direct contact at time of purchase

to discuss any discounts to be applied at that time.

Also note that when quantities are significant

then customizations can also be discussed - ie larger spi flash, etc.

Using the proper channels at the proper times will be key to success.

Phone number is again on the and websites


Thanks for the prompt reply.  I'm guessing my customer was intimidated by the international phone number and may be unsure of the ability to communicate in english.  The products will work great in our product, so I'll nudge them.

My customer attempted to call using this number: +86-755-27955416 and did not get an answer.  There was not a way for them to leave a message.  They've also sent another email and have not received a response.  They are trying to figure out if the display can be reliably sourced.  They will be purchasing in quantities greater than 100.

Indeed the Nextion can be reliably sourced

- and with Long Term Availability and Long Term Service agreements available.

Looking at the itead,cc website

 - Holiday notice has been advertised for quite some time

 - Holiday between Oct 1 to Oct 8, 2017

   means office will reopen Oct 9, 2017 at 9:00a China Time.

Public Holidays in China are to be observed with reverence for such.

The email will be responded to when the office reopens.

Thanks Patrick.  For context, are you an employee of Nextion/ITEAD?

out of curiosity and for the context ...

why doesn't your customer just open a ticket and ask directly for what he like to know ...

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