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Send Command print "beep" to arduino by nextion library

Hello, How can I read print commands in nextion arduino library? I would like to send print "beep" to arduino, how can I read in arduino this "beep" by using nextion library.

thank you

by programming such

Basics of used Programming language are prerequisite

100+ programming languages supported by Nextion

 - this is an Arduino C++ question, and not a Nextion question

Independent of the used programming language, the elementary procedure would be listening at the serial port, write incoming bytes into a char[] buffer until the 3 termination bytes FFh, FFh, FFh will have arrived from the Nextion. Then do a byte wise compare in a loop to identify your pattern "beep".

Thierry, thank you for your time.

The problem is: I can´t run same time nextion arduino libray and serial routine read like this( see code)

String leStringSerial() {

  String conteudo = "";

  char caractere;


  // Enquanto receber algo pela serial

  while (Serial.available() > 0) {

    // Lê byte da serial

    caractere =;

    // Ignora caractere de quebra de linha

    if (caractere != '\n') {

      // Concatena valores



    // Aguarda buffer serial ler próximo caractere




  //Serial.print("Recebi: ");




  return conteudo;




this routine is excellent to read serial port, but don´t work together with nextion libray

thank you anyway 

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