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Mouse pointer disappears when moving over an object

I've Googled for this and can find no other reference to this problem, so it is likely something to do with my setup (Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3GHz, 16GB, Radeon RX470 and Iiyama ProLite 4K monitor)...

In the Nextion Editor, when I move the mouse pointer over an object, it disappears. This makes selecting objects really difficult. At least the pointer re-appears on the bounding box of an object, so it can be resized and it does give a clue where the pointer actually is.

The only thing which does make a (slight) difference is if I turn mouse trails on - then the pointer becomes a tiny black dot - not helpful against a black background though!

I don't see this problem with any other software.

So, does anybody have any ideas what it causing this and what I should be poking about with to try to change this behaviour?

Open a new HMI project

 - add 1 component with attributes similar to old project

 - check if component causes mouse to disappear

Repeat until found - and report back

Perhaps the mouse really is being displayed after all

 - but the new 3G Ryzen is SOOOO fast, you don't see it  :)

My initial guess is

 - has nothing to do with your settings

 - has everything to do with not assigning pic value to attribute

(such as a pic attribute for button off, but was missed and not assigned)

Opened a new project. Added text object (t0). Mouse pointer disappears. Set attribute. Mouse pointer still disappears. The same applies to scrolling text, number, button, progress bar, picture, crop, hotspot, gauge, waveform, slider, dual state button, checkbox and radio. It doesn't matter what attributes are set to what, the mouse pointer disappears as soon as it is moved over the object. This applies to objects which don't have a pic attribute.

I'm pretty sure it's something specific about this machine, but I haven't a clue what.


is the font added at the time

dot net 3.5 assemblies added?

Tried with and without a font loaded. Same result. Have got dotNet 4.7 runtime installed.

it is very possible that dot net 4.7 is missing some routines

install 3.5, it will not conflict, but many dot net will indeed not be 4.7 compatible.

Nextion Editor still supports Windows XP and up to Windows 10

We can not only support just latest Windows 10

 - 60% of population simply will not have the latest hardware.

Can confirm that with dotNet 3.5 installed and enabled, the problem still exists.

upload your HMI

Very simple file attached. Move the mouse pointer anywhere within the 't0' object boundary and the mouse pointer disappears.

(5.9 KB)

Indeed issue is on your machine - I do not know where

96 DPI is the common ground needed

No issue with your HMI

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