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White screen problem with image hiding

have a nice day.

I want to hide the picture on Nextion 7 inch screen. I'm writing the code "vis, p1,0". Running a simulator is not a problem. The code works fine. But when I load it on the screen, before I hide the image, a white screen appears in the image size and then the image is hidden. How can I prevent the whiteness coming from the picture before I hide this picture.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Muhammed, I also have similar issue here, have you found any solution?

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page background white with picture component on top layer

 - as other picture is removed will of course need to rebuild area

This means starting at the page and working through each.

Many ways to accomplish this

 - reduction of layers

 - no need to use the vis command

 - choose method that doesn't have undesired effect

xpic, pic, picq cropping etc

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Thank you, partrick. I will try, but I have found a way. I am adding a white picture on my screen to a floor with a white color (eg picture ID p3). Then I run the following code.

vis p3,1 // this image is the help image I added on the white background

vis p3,0

vis p2,0 // this picture is the picture I want to hide

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